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Prather is my family and pen-name. Upon taking the Bent surname after getting married, I vowed to keep Prather my pen-name as I had already published over 100 articles, a few blog posts and two books as Jeanette Prather. Plus, Bent rings better with aerial circus, as a choreographer, performer and experiential marketer,

whereas the Prather clan produces intellectuals and writers.


Explore some of my works as Jeanette Prather below, or by visiting

Here is the product of a 30-year-old millenial's perspective on humanity during her teens and 20s, and what would become a contrasting dark/light look into human life. We are all united while vast differences merely exist in our minds.

The world is like a twilight zone for the brain; we all thrive within our own planes and write our own stories. We need to constantly shed our own sparkling histories in order to welcome momentary and fleeting infinite possibilities with open arms because it's in these moments where the beauty in love and life lie.

What if mankind had it all wrong from the beginning and we weren’t spared in glory or created from dust particles? Could it really be that a treacherous and brave woman save the planet amidst chaos and disorder? In this third book by Jeanette Prather, The Alpha Phoenix explores situations and potential theories based on real or probable events. This is science fiction taken to a whole new level; a fantastical journey into the past, present and future of the human experience through the eyes of some of the most influential minds in history. Dispelling myths and invigorating legends, The Alpha Phoenix promotes positive human progression while exploring the question of history repeating itself in the most ethereal way. Or, are we are just a blip in the Universe?

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