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Lollipop Lyra
A new trend in aerial has set this self-sufficient hoop on fire! Jeanette is one of the pioneers and currently the only one who performs at 13-feet with a motor for continuous rotation.
Crescent Moon
An aerial crescent moon can enhance any event!
Aerial Hoop
Jeanette has a distinct style on aerial hoop that is one part super hero and one part super villain; always trickster and always intense.
Aerial Net
Like a mermaid caught in a net (that's a popular one!), the aerial net is a transparent hammock good for many occasions.
Aerial Silks
A traditional circus favorite, aerial silks are one of Jeanette's staples.
Acrobatic Pole
Again one of the pioneers of acrobatics pole (sometimes referred to as a "grandmother" of pole), Jeanette has metaled in her fare share of pole competitions.
Aerial Cube
Aerial cube has dimensions beyond, and video mapping makes it out of this world!
Land Acts & Characters
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Starting at $200/evening for land acts (including characterization, walk-around entertainment, dance, atmospheric, interactive, product promotion, food/beverage service, etc.)
Starting at $750/evening for aerial and/or pole acts (including characterization, atmospheric, interactive, product promotion, food/beverage service, etc.)
Please contact for specific rates and availability.

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