Jeanette began her Performance career as a child dancing jazz, funk, hip hop, modern, ballet, belly dance and salsa in Santa Cruz, California. Upon leaving Santa Cruz, she relocated to Long Beach for a bachelor's degree in journalism, French, international studies and dance while performing various dance and acting gigs in Southern California: Super Bowl XXXVII (pregame and halftime shows), NBA Summer Pro League, ABA Basketball, Nickelback music video, Everclear music video, Budweiser commercial, Franklin and Bash, and a Timbaland music video.


After L.A., Jeanette relocated to New York City to advance her career with Dance and Movmnt magazines, before being hired as the assistant choreographer in Club Maeva in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico. From there, she became the chief choreographer of Club Med in Cancun, where she also picked up aerial arts.

Jeanette continued working as the Choreographer while training in aerial circus in Turks and Caicos and then Florida, before moving back to New York City to advance her career in dance, aerial, pole and acrobatics.

Her and her family relocated back to California, where Jeanette opened up the only aerial and pole studio in Santa Cruz -- Aerial Arts Santa Cruz -- quickly becoming the premier location for all things aerial, pole and acrobatics.


After four years of running Aerial Arts Santa Cruz and developing a professional team of aerial performers, Jeanette decided to expand her family and sell the business.

Now, Jeanette entrepreneurs Stellaria Creative Company, which specializes in atmospheric entertainment, experiential guerrilla marketing and interactive aerial theatre. Born from traditional performance art mixed with aerial arts, Stellaria incorporates a unique measure of marketing and communication to deliver a message and dialogue with guests through original storytelling techniques. Please visit Stellaria.Company or for more information..


Jeanette writes and produces shows, collaborates with solo artists and groups, as well as teaches private lessons in dance and aerial.

Please send all inquires to Jeanette at or 831-440-6422.

Want more? Check out my YouTube Channel at

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist”

Pablo Picasso




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